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How to make a photo studio


Conditions for the work of a photographer-artist should be created ideal</a>

The constant growth of the advertising services market stimulates the development of the photo industry, without which the advertising designers would feel that it is the same without the right hand.

This situation opens a free niche for those who want to organize a professional photo studio? A set of its services by advertising producers will invariably be in demand.

You will need

  • 1. The room area of ​​50 square meters
  • 2. Professional Camera
  • 3. Equipment and accessories for photography
  • 4. Furniture and equipment for the administrator workplace
  • 5. Staff photographer
  • 6. Business relations with advertising agencies



Consult with a photographer who has a largeExperience of studio photography to find out what parameters the room in which the studio will be located should have. If you are going to open a photo for documents, but prepare a working platform for a professional, then proceed from a minimum area of ​​40-50 square meters. And the spacious leased premises should be not only in width, the permissible height of the ceiling in it? A minimum of three meters.


Acquire the equipment necessary forFunctioning of a professional photo studio. First of all it? A camera that will become the tool of your employee's work, and the choice of which must be approached with all seriousness. To save, taking this important step, it is impossible, the right decision will be the choice of one of the latest models of Canon. In addition to the camera, you will need lighting equipment, backgrounds, softboxes, a set of spare accessories for the camera, make-up furniture and a set of office equipment for the administrator's workplace.


Find for ongoing cooperation inPhoto studio of that, without whom it will not be possible to manage in any way, but who and alone, in itself, can perform all the work, except organizational? Photographer. People of this profession form a detached caste and are inclined to gather together in different kinds of "parties", both in the living and in the world wide web. This should be used in order to find a good specialist, and if you offer him decent working conditions, he will certainly agree with you to work. The photographer's services, if he is a professional, will not be expensive, but the class of your photo studio will depend on him.


Start now, having the equipped studio andReady to work specialist, look for clients. You can offer them studio photography, reportage photography, and finally offer to use your site and photographic equipment for those who do not have their own. Channels of advancement, according to which information should be launched, should, of course, be profile ones? Let us know about yourself first of all to advertising agencies, although it will not be out of place and the distribution of advertising leaflets in the broad masses of the people.

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