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How to make a photo studio

Conditions for the work of the photographer, the artist must be created perfect

Permanent services market growth in advertising stimulates the development of the photographic industry, without which the designers, advertisers would feel would be like without his right hand.

This situation opens up a free niche for those who want to organize a professional photo studio? set of advertising services it is always in demand by manufacturers.

You will need

  • 1. The room of 50 square meters
  • 2. Professional Camera
  • 3. The equipment and accessories for photography
  • 4. Furniture and equipment for the administrator's workstation
  • 5. A staff photographer
  • 6. Business relations with advertising agencies



Consult a photographer with extensivestudio photography experience to know what parameters should have the room in which the studio is located. If you are not going to open? Photos to documents ?, and prepare a working platform for the professional, the outcome of the minimum area of ​​40-50 square meters. And spacious rental unit must be not only a wide, ceiling height allowed in it? at least three meters.


Get the equipment necessary forthe functioning of a professional studio. First of all this? camera, which will be the instrument of the labor of your staff, and to the choice of which should be approached with the utmost seriousness. Save, making this an important step, it is impossible, the right solution is to choose one of Canon's latest models. In addition you will need a camera lighting equipment, backgrounds, soft boxes, spare set of accessories for the camera, furniture for the dressing room and a set of office equipment for the administrator's workstation.


Search for continuous cooperationstudio of whom it does not fail in any way, but who's and one by itself, be able to do all the work, except for the organizational? photographer. The people of this profession to form an isolated caste and tend to gather together all sorts? Hangouts ?, how to live, and the World Wide Web. This is to take advantage of in order to find a good specialist, and if you ask them decent working conditions, it certainly would agree to work with you. Services of a photographer, if he is a professional, will cost is not cheap, but it will depend on the class of your studio.


Start now, having equipped studio andready-to-work specialist, look for clients. You can invite them to studio photography, reportage photography, finally, offer a platform and take advantage of your camera equipment to those who are not their own. The channels of promotion, which is to let the information must naturally be specialized? let us know about yourself primarily to advertising agencies, although it is useful to and distribution of leaflets among the broad masses of the people.

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