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How to create a payment order

How to create a payment order

Payment Order - a payment document, order to the bank account owner transfers its own funds to the account of the recipient.

CBA single form of the payment order has been developed 0401060. Incorrect payment order, in accordance with Art.

864 of the Civil Code, is not accepted by the bank to service.

Filling active fields is subject to strict rules, allowing to make a payment order with a precise indication of the code and details.



Start filling out bills to indicate the document number and the date of its publication.
Payment type select "e".
In the next field, enter the amount to be transferred to the recipient.

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Fill out the payment details of your organization and the recipient company.
It should be specified INN, CAT, company name, checking account. As well as paying the full details of the bank, indicating the name, address, BIC, correspondent account.
Similarly, enter the recipient's payment data.
Here you select the type of payment and the order.
In the case of payment of taxes, fill in fill in the CSC (budget classification code) and OKATO. Here we enter the base payment and the tax period for which the payment will be made.

How to make a payment & lt-strong & gt-order & lt- / strong & gt-


Finally, write the purpose of the payment and print the document.
Transfer payment commission to sign managers, who have the right to sign bank documents.

How to make a payment & lt-strong & gt-order & lt- / strong & gt-

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