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How to make a pattern bow tie

Bow tie can be worn on celebration, masquerade, or use as a stylish accessory for everyday image

Bow tie is a snap to make at home.

And if the need for special pattern and solid color dark fabric, it is possible to do without a pattern and choose the easy and relaxed fabric for everyday option.

Bow tie can be done in two ways: with or without a pattern. The first method is traditional and its peculiarity is that the butterfly will have to tie, like a normal tie. The second option is sewn directly into the form of a butterfly, and the girth is adjusted through the clasp.
To make the pattern, it is better to delay the necessary first segments on the paper, folded in half and then cut around the pattern on the fabric. The length of the half parts consists of values ​​such as:
- Putting the neck, which is measured by the length of the collar rubashki-
- The size of the butterfly.
Therefore, the standard tie length should bepostpone putting folded neck of 3 cm on the transition, 13 cm length on the inside of the Butterfly, 7 cm length on the outer part. The height of the segment that will be hidden under the collar, should be 1.1 cm. Continues the pattern segment, which is 13 cm, as stated above. In the center of the interval mark the highest point of pattern - 4 cm. Its ends must be marked at a distance of 2.2 cm from the main line of the longitudinal tie. Seamlessly connect the lines. The next segment of length 7 cm perpendicular line ends at a height of 4 cm.
After that, the item should be deferred to the tissue,folded in half, right sides together. On the contour allowance you must add 1-1.5 cm. The fabric should be selected dense, it is good to keep the shape. Also part without allowances need to replicate from non-woven fabrics.
Then glue the fleece by means of iron and sew parts, leaving an opening to turn the product on.
Make cuts in the corners and turn the tie.
Sew the opening through which the product you are twisting and iron iron. The butterfly is ready!
A simpler method of manufacturing a bow tie is to sew three rectangles:
- The first, which will act as a tape-osnovy-
- The second, which will directly babochkoy-
- And third, the function of which is to consolidate the form of a tie in the middle of the previous parts.
All elements need to cut out of thick fabric,glue interlining body panel and stitch along the contour. Then, through holes and rectangles should turn to iron. The main element is collected in the center, and the smallest piece and sew fasten it to the band. Along the edges of the fastener tapes sew and wear with pleasure to receive a bow tie!

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