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How to make a passport in Novosibirsk


How to make a passport in Novosibirsk</a>

An overseas trip is impossible without a passport.

With a new biometric passport, you can travel 10 years, and the usual old passport in 5 years will have to change.

In the Leninsky district of Novosibirsk there is a subdivision of the Federal Migration Service, in which it is possible to issue passports of both kinds.

You will need

  • A general passport and a copy of all of his pages,Where there is a record-certified at work copy of the work book-3 photos for the old passport-military ticket (for men) - previously issued passport.



Fill in two copies of the application for extradition Of the passport. All fields must be filled with a black pen without errors and corrections in capital letters. You can print the application on the computer.
Applications for issuing a biometric passport are filled only on the computer.


Verify the application at the place of work. If you are a student - at the place of study. Non-working citizens do not need to be reassured. The validity of the application is 10 days.


Pay the state fee.


Take the entire package of documents toMultifunctional center for public services. To obtain a biometric passport, a photo taken in advance is not needed. Photographing will be done when applying.


Get a passport. It will be ready no later than in 30 days. If you apply not at the place of residence but at the place of stay, the application will be considered longer and the time for manufacturing the passport will be extended to four months.

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