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How to make a passport

How to make a passport

Passport - it is one of the most important documents certifying the identity of the person.

Get it in Russia can be 14 years. However, there are situations where a passport may be lost or stolen.

Do not be upset, in this case, all easily remedied.

We just need to spend some amount of time to get a new document.



After the loss or theft of a passport, should beimmediately apply to the internal affairs bodies. Here you have to issue a special ticket - notification of the incident. Next will have to visit the company or caretakers ZhEKe and get an extract from the house register. Only in this case, you will be able to put down a residence permit. The last point in the preparation for obtaining a passport - a registration fee payment at a bank in the case of lost or stolen passports. Be sure to take your receipt.


Next you need to contact the passport office. In addition to the coupon notifications about the incident, an extract from the house register, a receipt for payment of registration fee, you will also need 4 personal photos of the established sample.

In addition, should fill out an application for the exchange of Russian passports. It is required to specify the reason for the document exchange.


Wait for the new document will have about 2 months. It can be obtained in the same passport office. This procedure requires your personal presence, so to entrust it to someone from the family is impossible.

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