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How to make a park for fingerboard


How to make a park for fingerboard</a>

Every owner of a fingerboard wants to learn a variety of tricks that can be performed on not worse than on a real skateboard.

However, most tricks can not be performed,If you do not have special tools for this? In particular, the finger park, which allows you to study a whole complex of new complex tricks, and which can be easily made manually at home.



The most accessible material for the park isWood, fiberboard, chipboard and plywood, as these materials have a low cost and are easily processed. One of the main elements of the park is a fan-box, and for its manufacture you will need a sheet of fiberboard, as well as wire, furniture corners, wood bars, PVA joinery and tools? Hammer, screwdriver, jig saw, screws, drill, square, pencil and much more.


From the bars of the tree with a jigsaw, cut out two racksFor fan-boxing. The width of racks choose by their own choice. Then take a sheet of fiberboard, the width of which corresponds to the width of the racks. Cut the sheet into four parts. The length of one of them should correspond to the length of the upper part of the fan-box, two small parts you use as races, and the third part is set as the basis of the design.


After assembling the structure of fiberboard and wooden racks, grind all the surfaces and joints of the plates with a grinder and a sandpaper.


Cut off a piece of the necessary length from the coil of wireFor railings, taking into account the angle of their ascent above the surface and the areas of attachment to the timber bars. In the racks, drill two holes with a thin drill and install the ends of the wire in them, first dripping the PVA glue in the holes.


Do rails provide new opportunities in mastering tricks? So another element of the park can be a ladder with rails for jumping and sliding. For the manufacture of stairs, you will also need fiberboard or plywood, wood bars for the base, wire for railings and boxes from audio cassettes or CDs for steps.


Form out of several empty boxes fromDiscs or cassettes ladders and fix them with adhesive tape, so that the structure is held tightly. Then from the fiberboard or plywood, cut the bottom and top of the frame to which you attach the steps. From the bars of the tree, cut out the racks that are equal to the height of the ladder.


Cut a piece of thick enough wire andBend it in the form of a railing. Then drill two holes at the very bottom and at the top of the stairs, fill them with glue and install the two ends of the wire rails in them.


Fingerpark is difficult to imagine without a ramp? It must also become an obligatory element of it, since most of the tricks are performed on the ramp. Drill a rectangle equal to the length and width of the future ramp from the plywood or fiberboard, and place it for a few minutes in hot water.


Then gently curl the wetted cloth aroundA cylindrical object, then tie the folded sheet with a rope, remove the cylindrical base and leave the canvas to dry, laying it with its edges down on a flat surface and pressing a heavy object.


Prepare the supports for the ramp of the wooden bars, which are attached to the canvas by furniture corners after it completely dries.


Separately, cut out two small areas thatYou fix on the edges of the ramp? From these sites, the fingerboard will move to the ramp. Grind all faces and surfaces of the ramp, cover it with paint or varnish, fasten on the base and perform tricks.

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