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How to make a paper swan

How to make a paper swan

Origami in Japanese means "folded paper".

The genius of this art is that without the help of scissors and glue can be folded a variety of figures, from the very simple to the complex patterns of triangular modules.



For making paper swans need a square sheet of paper. The size depends on your desire, but first hack is best done larger.

Driving manufacturing paper swan


Mark the center line. To do this, fold the paper diagonally. Fold carefully iron the hands. Then expand the list.


The sides of a square bend at an angle to the center line indicated by aligning their side. Then bend towards the middle of the extreme side, departing approximately 1.5 cm from the edge.


Put construct the apex angle to itself. Shape the neck of a swan. Spread the piece and fold half of which is directed to you up. Fold design in half before the bent line.


Make the head and beak of a swan. To do this, bend the sharp corner at the neck down, retreating 2-3 cm, flatten the folds on the sides of the body, imitating the wings of a swan.


Fold a paper swan of triangular models are also not very difficult, but this work requires perseverance, because to do about 500 pieces for the production of crafts.


paper size A4 sheet bend in half on the long side. The part to bend in half again, marking the middle line of the workpiece. Detail straighten.


Fold the sides at an angle to the center line indicated by aligning their side. Turn the folded part of yourself.


The boxes, which are obtained by triangle bend upwards. "Ears" on both sides of the details on the bend of the triangle edges. Then triangles fold in half along the middle line.


Fold the 2 modules together, aligning the sideside. Insert them into the "pockets" of the third triangular module. Then, attach another unit in the same way and insert the edges into the "pockets" of the third. Thus collect the ring, which should have 2 rows of 30 modules.


Then, in the same way, make a structure of five rows of modules, which should be worn on top of each other in a checkerboard pattern, which will give structural strength.


To obtain a closed ring, remove the inside out and collect the 6 th row, as described above. Next, lay out of the units swan wings on the sides. Give them the form, tilting slightly to the side.


Assemble the tail. It will need to 5 rows of triangular modules, wherein each subsequent row in their number should be reduced by one.


Shape the neck of a swan. To assemble this structure, by inserting the corners of the module in the "pockets" of the next and so on to the desired length. Insert the neck into the module on the body between the wings of a swan. Give neck curved design.

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