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How to make a paper mask


How to make a paper mask</a>

Carnival mask can be made independently with the help of improvised means.

And if in the past, masks were used duringMasquerade in order to keep the secret of the person who put it on, then you can be sure that the mask you made will set you apart among those present and turn your gaze to your side.



Make a blank for the future mask. Take a sheet of A4 paper, bend it in half. Draw half the mask, its center should coincide with the folding line of the sheet. Draw a recess for the nose, make an approximate outline of the hole for the eyes. Cut out, straighten the mask. Attach to the face, look in the mirror, whether the cutouts coincide with the position of the eyes. Finish the sketch in accordance with the structure of your face.


Circle the preliminary sketch of the mask on a densePaper. Carefully cut out. To make the mask more rigorous and to prevent it from breaking through in the place where the rubber is fastened, use a decorative self-adhesive film for furniture. Take a sheet of a suitable size, remove the protective layer, attach a mask cut from the paper. Do not allow bubbles to form on the surface. Carefully cut out the contour.


Color the mask. Apply the paint to the paper side of the workpiece. Use acrylic paints, they do not spoil clothes, they fall flat and tight. Allow the product to dry completely.


Make holes in the sides of the mask forGum, with which it will be attached to the head. Cut them with a blade. Insert the elastic band, bend it, sew it with threads of suitable color on both sides.


Decorate the mask. Use for this purpose sequins, sequins, lace, ribbons, beads and bugles. Arrange them in any order or create a complex ornament. In order to gently glue the small parts, use tweezers. Decorate the top line of the mask with specially colored feathers.


Attach a light veil to the lower contour of the mask withUsing glue. Choose a light fabric of organza or the finest lace so that it does not weight the mask. The veil can be picked up with threads, apply a small amount of gel with sequins on the stitches on the outside of the mask so that they can not be seen.

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