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How to make a paper Christmas tree

How to make a paper Christmas tree

Preparing for the New Year - is always an exciting process, especially for children.

They will be happy to do together with you the main attribute of the holiday - the Christmas tree.

And do not worry, that she was out of paper.

The finished paper Christmas tree baby with pride to show your friends.

You will need

  • - Multi-colored bumaga-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - Klein
  • - lineyka-
  • - Sequins, beads.



Effective and simple turn of a dense treePaper green color in different shades. Ask your child to circle his palm on it. Do not worry if the edge is not very neat. Use scissors to cut out the resulting shape palms. They should be as long as necessary for the planned your Christmas tree paper size.


Take a thick cardboard and make moretriangular piece. In it, starting from the bottom edge, affix "palms" fan. To look fluffy tree, twirl "fingers" to the outside. To do this, perform a force on the edge of the paper line.


Finished Christmas tree glue double-sided adhesive tape on the wall. Decorate light unbreakable toys.


For other paper Christmas trees take heavy paper. Roll up her cone and glue the edges.


Cut strips of colored paper of the same size. Fold them in half, without bending in the middle.


Starting at the bottom, glue them to the upper tips of the cone. Approaching the top of the cone, try on the strip to the tree, shortening them to the desired size.


Decorate Christmas tree with paper snowflakes and tinsel. On top of glue star.


Very easy to make bulk Christmas treeWhich will decorate the children's room in the New Year's holidays.


Take a dense sheet of green paper and fold it in half. Cut it with scissors along the fold line.


The resulting parts bend in half. On the other hand bend half herringbone draw.


Use scissors to cut out the outline of a Christmas tree painted. Received two identical figures of trees. Fold in half of each tree. Mark the center of a pencil.


At a tree make a cut from scissorshead to the center of the midline, on the other - from the bottom to the center. Connect tree, inserting them into the incisions. Adhesive tape, glue the bottom and top halves to hack it was stable.


Punchers made of paper colored circles and glue on Christmas tree. As an added decoration, use sequins and beads. The top of the Christmas tree decorate a small star.

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