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How to make a panel on the marine theme

marine panels

In memory of a vacation spent at sea, youYou can make the original three-dimensional panels with sea attributes. Paint the box with cells and paste them brought seashells, sea pebbles and sand.

The finished panels hang on the wall and enjoy the memories of the sea.

You will need

  • - box
  • - seashells
  • - pebbles
  • - sand
  • - Acrylic paint
  • - brush
  • - scissors
  • - Thick thread
  • - feather
  • - beads



Prepare a plastic or paper box. If there are no partitions, make them yourself. Cut a strip of cardboard. Measure the length of the strips and divide it into three parts of equal length. Select a pencil and make cuts in these areas with scissors until the middle of the strip. Two strips put notches up and attach the other two strips cuts down them to get a 9 cell.


Carefully paint the blue acrylic box, well stained walls and corners. Once the box is dry, pick up and try on items that are suitable in size for the cells.


One cell grease glue and sprinkle sand andglue on top of a small shell. For other cells pick up a variety of large shells: double-leaf, cassis, volute or architectonic. In a flat bowl of mussel glue bead in the form of pearls. In another cell paste a small sink and a coil of thick thread. Marine pebbles of different colors stick to the cell and between the rocks glue small beads. In the adjacent cell can be stuck pretty feather and a small shell.

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