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How to make a nourishing mask for oily hair

How to make a nourishing mask for oily hair

Hair Nutrition is very important to maintain them in a healthy condition.

To do this, you need to make homemade hair masks.

But oily hair require special care, so there is a special nourishing mask for oily hair.

It will make them beautiful, healthy and strong.

You will need

  • -2 Large tomatoes
  • Article -2. l. olive oil
  • Article 0.5. carrot juice
  • Article 0.3. apple juice



Crush the tomatoes on a fine grater. In a bowl, where the tomatoes, carrot and pour apple juice, stir. Juices for masks should be made only from fresh fruits and vegetables, but in no case can not be used store bought juices. They are of no use. To all the ingredients, add the butter, again all mix well.


Wash your hair and then dry a little bit. They should be slightly moist.


Apply the mask for oily hair at the roots first and then spread over the entire length. Comb hair comb with a few teeth, and then assemble them into a bun and secure it at the nape.


Put on the head warming cap, and then wrap it in a towel. Keep the mask for hair approximately 20-30 minutes.


Home hair mask is washed off the powerplenty of warm water, so thoroughly wash your head. But it is worth considering that in the recipe for hair masks have oil, but it is very difficult to wash off, so after rinsing, rinse your hair with a mild shampoo.

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