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How to make a nightlight for the nursery of tin

How to make a nightlight for the nursery of tin

From tin of cookies, you can easily make a night light for children's hands.

You will need

  • -zhestyanaya box out of cookies or chocolates
  • the bases of a desktop lamp holder and bulb
  • -Rugged with sharp scissors
  • -Super glue
  • -aerozolnaya paint (gray and neon)



Many children are afraid to sleep without a light - II say to my mother six-year daughter, who constantly asks me to leave the light on the night. And even according to statistics, fear of the dark is present in almost 90% of children aged from 3 to 7 years. But we know that sleeping with the light is harmful to health, and in this dream, sleep disorders - is quite real. Child corny can not sleep, and the day will be capricious, can be sluggish, inactive. In such a situation can help out with this nochnichok soft dim light. And to make it simple enough.


Cut the lid tin slits through which light will penetrate and hole under the cartridge.
Attach the cover to the pre-colored base. Insert the cartridge and a light bulb.


Cover the jar gray spray paint. We leave for some time to paint has dried. Bank to fix the cover using superglue. Nightlight ready!

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