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How to make a night vision device at home


How to make a night vision device at home</a>

To see in the dark as the day is the childhood dream of every boy.

You see, but no one sees you!

This is possible if there is a night vision device. But after all, it is possible to make PNV with our own hands, at home!

For this it is only necessary to recall school chemistry lessons.

You will need

  • - muffle or electric furnace-
  • - short-focus lens-
  • - biconvex lens-
  • - substances and chemicals from the school chemical laboratory.



Two glass plates are lowered into a mixture of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and potassium dichromate (K2Cr2O7). After 4 hours, dry.
Tin Chloride (SnCl2) put in porcelainCup and place in the muffle furnace. In the absence of muffle, you can use an electric oven. At a distance of 8-10 cm above the cup, fasten the glasses. Cover the cup with a metal plate.
When the temperature in the furnace rises to 400-480 degrees, remove the metal plate. A very thin conductive coating is soon formed on the glass.


Then a photoconductor must be applied to one of the plates.
It is prepared by the fusion of equal amounts of a 3% solution of thio-carbomide Na4C (S) NH2 and lead acetate (6% solution). Apply to a conductive</a> Cover the side of the lacquer plate, then vertically, using tweezers, lower it into the resulting solution.
Now, be sure to wear rubber gloves, pour a concentrated solution of alkali into the vessel with the plate and stir very gently with a glass rod, without touching the plates.
After about 10 minutes, remove the plate and wash it thoroughly in distilled water. Dry it.
Back in the oven, put a clean porcelain cup,Now with silver, and place the processed plate above it. Repeat the process, only now raise the temperature to 900 deg. Get a mirror film on the plate.


For the production of a phosphor on a second platePrepare the oven again. This time, in a porcelain cup, put the crystals of copper and ZnS crystals in the proportion: ZnS - 100%, Cu (copper) - 10%. In the furnace, the process of copper vapor circulation and the passage of them between the crystals will take place. Do not grind the resulting crystals in any way. The result is a colorless powder.


Now mix the tsaponlak with the crystals. Pour the resulting mixture onto a plate with a layer of silver.
When the mixture is completely spread and a flat surface is formed, place the second plate on the varnish and gently squeeze.
(Do not forget to solder wires on the edges of the plates after applying a conductive coating).
Seal the resulting night vision device.


Assemble the high voltage generator circuit.


Assemble the device itself. An objective to it can serve as a lens from any short-focus camera, as an eyepiece, you can use any biconvex lens.
After final assembly, check all connections once again and turn it on. On your PNV the transformer will quietly squeak - it works.
The image may not appear immediately. Change the oscillator frequency, voltage level. Set the maximum sensitivity.
And - use.

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