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How to make a niche


Beautiful niches in the walls are an indispensable attribute of a modern interior</a>

Modern design of apartments is difficult to imagine without niches. They can perform not only a purely decorative function, but also be used as supports for various objects.

Drywall, from which most often make niches,Truly the main favorite of designers. It is very plastic under certain conditions, perfectly holds the shape and allows you to create any curved surfaces.

If you are thinking of creating a niche, then the information presented in this article will be useful to you.

You will need

  • * Gypsum plasterboard sheets-
  • * Metallic profile-
  • * Self-tapping screws, dowels-
  • * Drill, Bulgarian-
  • * Putty-
  • * Hacksaw for wood-
  • * Ruler, pencil-
  • * Polyurethane foam tape-
  • * Painting Scotch tape.



At the first stage, you have to portray your ideaon paper. Think about the shape, the construction of the niche. Draw a drawing of the niche. On it you can calculate how much material you might need. If you want to make the highlight of a niche, then this is also a must in your plan.


When you purchase all the necessary material,You can proceed to create a niche. First, you need to mark the wall under the metal profile. Be sure to check the horizontal and vertical lines of all lines using the build-level.


Then the metal profile is attached to the wall using dowels. Cut the details of the metal structure can be hand grinder, or metal scissors.


Making a frame, proceed to fixing gipsokartonnyh sheets. Fasten sheets in staggered order, so that long joints do not appear. To the profile of drywall it is better to fasten with a screwdriver.


Almost ready-made niche needs to be plastered by closing the screws of the screws and joints. After drying putty and its grinding, a niche can be pasted or painted.


In conclusion, a few tips. Making a niche, avoid dark tones. She's already buried in the wall. Using the backlight, light colors in the design, you will make a niche an exquisite addition to the design of your interior.


To make a circular arch in a niche, you need toBend the plasterboard sheet. To do this, use a needle roller to perforate the drywall sheet at the point of future bending. Then, for 10 minutes, wet the sheet with a sponge in the place that you want to give a curved surface. Then put this sheet on the mold, secure the edges with clamps and leave it to dry completely.

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