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How to make a niche

Beautiful niches in the walls are an inherent part of modern interior

The modern design of the apartments is hard to imagine without a niche. They can perform not only a purely decorative function, but also be used as a stand for different things.

Plasterboard, from which most often make a niche,truly major designers favorite. It is very plastic, under certain conditions, well holds its shape and allows you to create any curved surfaces.

If your intention is to create a niche, the information presented in this article will be helpful.

You will need

  • * Gypsum listy-
  • * Metallic profile-
  • * Screws, dyubeli-
  • * Drill, bolgarka-
  • * Shpaklevka-
  • * Hacksaw derevu-
  • * Ruler, karandash-
  • * Polyurethane tape-
  • * Masking tape.



In the first stage, you have to represent your ideaon paper. Consider the shape, design niche. Draw a niche drawing. On it you will be able to calculate how much material you might need. If you want to make the backlight niche, then it's sure to check your plan.


When you purchase all the necessary material,You can begin to create a niche. Please mark the wall by a metal profile. Be sure to check the verticality and horizontality of the lines using the system-level.


Then the metal profile is fixed to the wall with dowels. Cut metal structure parts can be hand-grinder, or a pair of scissors for metal.


Having made the frame, proceed to fixing plasterboard sheets. Sheets mount staggered, so as not to appear long joints. It is better to strengthen the profile of drywall screwdriver.


Almost ready niche need proshpaklevat by closing the cap screws and joints. After drying putty and sanding it, the niche may be either masked or painted.


Finally, a few tips. Making a niche, avoid dark colors. She already recessed into the wall. Using lighting, bright colors in the design you make a niche elegant addition to your interior design.


To make a round arch in the niche, you need tobend gypsum board. To this end, needle roller make perforation on plasterboard sheets in the future site of flexion. Then, soak for 10 minutes with a sponge sheet at the place that needs to give a curved surface. Then put the list on the form, attach the edge clamps and leave it to dry completely.

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