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How to make a New Year make-up squirrel

How to make a New Year's make-up squirrel

Charming cheerful squirrel is found in fairy tales often.

The image of the proteins can be created quite fast enough to pick up clothes by color, make a suitable hairstyle and apply makeup correctly.

You will need

  • - akvagrim-
  • - Theatre to Grimm
  • - Cream or vazelin-
  • - mascara-
  • - Outline karandash-
  • - White and brown eye shadow vector
  • - comb-
  • - 2 or 4 elastics for the hair.



Start creating the image with the best clothes. The suit must necessarily be something orange. For example, a girl can wear orange dress or suit, consisting of a skirt with an orange breast and a white blouse. "Squirrel" color can be blouse, then her skirt, you can wear any. For the boy's suit a carnival costume of black trousers and orange shirts or T-shirts.


Carnival costume squirrel is good for the fact thatnot necessarily to sew hat. It is enough to make a suitable hairstyle. Comb your hair parted in the middle and 2 high tail tie. Very well, if there are 4 orange gum, 2 for each beam. Tails should stand almost vertically.


Make-up can be of varying complexity. If you have very little time, choose the easiest option. For him the need brown and black contour pencils and shadows of the most common cosmetic set. On the face of better pre-apply a cream, in this case - moisturizing.


Apply brown eye shadow, and betweeneyes and eyebrows - white. Eyes brown circle outline with a pencil so that the outer contour angle was approximately 1 cm on the corner of the eye. The upper and lower line should be approximately the same thickness.


Brown contour pencil, draw the outlinesfaces - "bang" on the forehead and the "whiskers" in her cheeks. The lines can be both straight and zigzag. Black pencil paint the tip of the nose to get a triangle. Draw a long divergent mustaches. You can tint eyebrows to be corner, and a corner pririsovat several long vertical strokes.


If there is a theatrical makeup under your arm orakvagrim, you can draw a little face more difficult. When using theatrical make-up face with Vaseline or grease with a fat cream. Draw a large white ovals around the eyes - from the top to the eyebrows, and the bottom - up to the raised dots cheekbones. The external contours of the black oval circle. From the outer corners of the eyes to the sides of temples draw several cilia.


In the lower part of the face, draw a vertical oval or diamond white, capturing the chin, the area around the lips and nasal folds. The nose paint pink, light brown or orange makeup.


Brown or black circle lips. Draw a line between the nose and upper lip. On a white oval paint some black spots, and on the cheeks - a mustache, and you can go to the carnival.

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