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How to make a necklace with flowers

How to make a necklace with flowers

Make a necklace with floral motifs is a snap. Needed supplies and a little time.

It is a charming spring and summer decoration beautify your image and underline femininity.

You will need

  • -voylok or felt
  • -beads
  • -yuvelirnaya chain
  • -yuvelirnaya clasp
  • -kusachki
  • -scissors
  • -nitki with a needle



Cut the fabric workpiece for flowers. The first flower - the largest - consists of three quatrefoils. The second and third - smaller - consist of two trefoils each.


We take a large flower detail, add them to eachWe sew other and in the middle, sew beads. The flower does not get a flat. To do this a couple of stitches and a little pull together to a little flower in the middle, is gathered.


Similarly, we do the second and third flowers.


Now made of felt or felt cut out the base of elongated shape. Sewn or glued to her flowers.


Attach the connecting rings at the edges of the base. Do not attach too close to the edge, to prevent tissue breakage.


Now we measure off two lengths of chain of the desired length and attach them to the connecting ring. At the ends of the chains attach the clasp. Done!

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