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How to make a necklace made of satin and beads

How to make a necklace made of satin and beads

In the summer are very popular decoration in marine colors.

It is a charming turquoise necklace is perfect not only to any summer outfit, but also will give you a romantic-elegant look.

You will need

  • - beads
  • - fishing line
  • - 2 connection ringlet
  • - Wide satin ribbon
  • - 4 large beads



Cut the fishing line from the 10 segments, each about 20 cm long. Stringing beads on these segments. The ends of the fishing line is tied to the connecting ring on both sides.


Cut the two pieces of satin ribbon lengthabout 50 cm. Each segment is folded along and stitched by. One end of a pointed do, and the other left open. Gut-wrenching, to iron iron.


We thrust to get the "pipe" two large beads, beads and then strung together with a ring. Carefully sew the ring to the tissue.


To close the seam tape tying a knot.


Pull one large bead to nodules and tie another knot. Then tighten the second bead and then tie a knot. Do the same with the second satin "tube" from step 3.


Tie a ribbon bow necklace is ready!

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