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Homemade shampoo

Selection of shampoo for the individual type of hair sometimes becomes a real problem.

Funds dried scalp, the hair becomes dry and dull. To achieve the desired result have to try dozens of shampoos.

Natural Shampoo can be done at home by choosing ingredients that are right for you.

Strengthening Shampoo for all hair types
Mix in one container 1/3 cup basil,nettle leaves and dandelion, 50 ml of a conventional toilet soap, 50 drops of any essential and a few teaspoons of vegetable oil. From the resulting mixture is necessary to make a tincture. Of similar ingredients can make the broth, but the oil should be added to the already prepared a herbal weight.
The mixture was put on hair. Wait 10-15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Use a natural shampoo can be several times a week.
Natural shampoo for oily hair
Make a decoction of St. John's wort, a mother and stepmother,dandelion and plantain. On 1 liter of water, you will need a few tablespoons of these ingredients. Separately, dissolve in two liters of warm water two or three spoonfuls of mustard powder. First, wash your hair with mustard tincture, and then rinse with herbal decoction.
This method of hair tonic suitable for everyday use. The only limitation - sensitive skin. Mustard tincture is not suitable for use if the skin is prone to irritation.
bread mask
The easiest and one of the most effective methodsstrengthen the hair - their processing gruel made of black bread. Make a shampoo can be within a few minutes. To do this, fill it with boiling water a few slices of rye bread and leave it blank for the night. Then chop the bread into mush, and apply on hair. Washed off is a means of quickly and easily, and the result is noticeable almost immediately.

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