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How to make a napkin with pompons

How to make a napkin with pompons

Napkin, as a rule, is a decoration of any holiday table.

Not necessarily to buy it, you can do a napkin and hands.

Try to make festive napkin with pom-poms.

You will need

  • - Waffle cotton cloth-
  • - A narrow zigzag braid two colors-
  • - Wide braid zigzag-
  • - Acrylic or wool pryazha-
  • - Thick white nitki-
  • - Plug.



From waffle cotton fabric to be cutCircle the correct size. Once it is cut, it is necessary to process the edges on the sewing machine stitching called "zigzag". Then hem the workpiece future swipe at 0.5 centimeters. Next, decorate the product tape. It needs to be alternated, ie, first sew a narrow, then wide, then narrow again. Between each strip of tape should be a distance of at least 2 centimeters. By the way, do not forget to change the thread on the sewing machine to match the tape.


Now you can start manufacturing pompons. For this we need a fork 4 teeth. Use acrylic or wool yarn 2 under the central teeth, and then start to wind the thread eight, that is, enter it under the teeth of the left, then right under. So do until the end of the fork tines.


Take a segment of white thick thread length20 centimeters. It is necessary to pass between the central teeth of the fork. For this purpose, one end of the filament is necessary to push the bottom yarn and the other on. Thus, the loop gain.


Then you need to take the next pompom. Do this very carefully, gradually pulling the white thread. As a result, the thread must be firmly tied to the yarn. Its ends are cut is not necessary, as they are useful to sew pompom to the napkin. The number of such small products depends on the size of the crafts.


After the desired amount of pomponsready, you can sew them. This should be done on the edge of the article, and so that the distance between the pompons is at least 10 centimeters. Festive napkin ready! By the way, it is perfect for such a holiday like Easter.

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