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How to make a motor

How to make a motor

A life ? this movement.

Machinery, ships, airplanes - everything moves.

Everyone knows that unites all moving machines created by man? This engine (motor).

Creation of the engine - it's a complicated process, but small motor can be done independently.

You will need

  • - Enameled Copper Wire. The wire select empirically so that the coil does not bend during rotation.
  • - Pin 2 pc (neemalirovannye). The pins must be of conductive material.
  • - Izolenta-
  • - Magnet (composition: rare earth metal and cobalt, has a metallic luster.) -
  • - Battery (size D).



The hardest part in creating thisa simple mechanism? make a coil. To do this, take the wire and wrap it on the battery so that the coils have formed a tight circle. We need to make about 40-50 turns. Then carefully remove the copper ring from the battery. The end and the beginning of the coil (5-6 cm) wrap around the ring (it is necessary to secure the turns of the coil) and spread on the sides of 180 degrees. Then smooth out? Legs? coil sandpaper to remove the enamel.


Take a piece of tape, safety pins and battery. Pin firmly attach the tape to the positive (+) and minus (-) battery (one side at an angle of 90 degrees to the axis of the batteries).


In? Ears? pins insert the bare? foot? the coil so that it rotates freely in the cradle, but not much to hang out in it.

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