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How to make a motor


How to make a motor</a>

A life ? This is movement.

Cars, ships, planes - everything is moving.

Everyone knows what unites all moving vehicles created by man? That engine (motor).

Creating a real engine is a complicated process, but you can make a small motor yourself.

You will need

  • - Enamelled copper wire. Wire the wire experimentally so that the coil does not bend during rotation.
  • - Pins 2 pieces (not emalted). Pins must be made of conductive materials.
  • - Insulating tape-
  • - Magnet (composition: rare-earth metal and cobalt, has a metallic luster) -
  • - Battery (format D).



The most difficult part in creating thisThe simplest mechanism? Do the reel. To do this, take the wire and wind it on the battery so that the turns form a tight ring. It is necessary to make about 40-50 turns. Next, carefully remove the copper ring from the battery. The end and beginning of the coil (5-6 cm) is wrapped around the ring (this is necessary for fixing the coil turns) and spread apart 180 degrees. Then clean up the legs? Coils with sandpaper in order to remove the enamel.


Take a piece of electrical tape, pins and a battery. Pins firmly attach the tape to the plus (+) and to the minus (-) of the battery (one side at an angle of 90 degrees to the battery axis).


In the "ears?" Pins insert stripped legs? Coil so that it freely rotates in this stand, but not much hanging in it.

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