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How to make a mosaic box

How to make a mosaic box

You agree that the broken dishes in the house is not so much rare as it seems.

Do not rush to throw the pieces, they can be used to create an original mosaic box.

You will need

  • - A small wooden shkatulka-
  • - Bat shards posudy-
  • - White cement
  • - Durable Klein
  • - Acrylic kraska-
  • - a hammer-
  • - The brush.



The large fragments need to do moresmall. To do this, put them on paper, and cover with another sheet on top of the newspaper, that is, the fragments will be between the layers of paper. Then gently start banging on pieces of broken dishes.


Once the pieces have become the right size,you can start them obkladyvat box. To do this, each element apply strong glue and, respectively, stick it on a wooden surface. Lay out the pieces so that you get something like a mosaic, that is, try to trim parts, suitable to each other. If the pieces of different thickness, the need to put them on the same level due to the adhesive layer.


The remaining gap between the fragments need to jam withusing white cement. To this dilute it with water to the desired consistency, and then begin to drive the finger joints in cement so that they did not have voids.


Once the cement grabs, it is necessary to remove the excess with the fragments. Just wipe them with a damp cloth.


Now turn to the internal part of the box. It can be decorated using both acrylic and cloth sheathing.


Also, the surface can be decorated with other craftselements of broken dishes. For example, you can glue the bat handle cups in the center of the box - with its help you can open crafts. Mosaic Box ready!

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