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How to make a moped

How to make a moped

Cyclists that serves its owner faithand truth, could be improved by equipping the outboard. Transformation into a moped, your updated vehicle will save efforts when moving over long distances.

To upgrade the bike needs a bit of understanding of the technology and know how to deal with the most basic tools.

You will need

  • - Old velosiped-
  • - Gas engine-
  • - Parts of mopeda-
  • - Set of handtools.



Use second-hand bicycle,which will serve as the basis for the future design of the moped. Make sure that the frame is free of defects, and can carry a relatively heavy load. In the place where will be located the moped engine, welding or bolts strengthen further enhance the area, because the structure would have to withstand not only the driver but also the power plant.


Provide a frame with two wheels. Use the rim of the old who had spent his moped. If necessary, redo the front and rear forks, if the rim is wider than regular cycling. On the rear wheel axle mount the star, which through the circuit will take the rotary motion of the motor shaft.


vehicle front fork equipdampers removed from an old moped or a light motorcycle. This is required in order to smooth out the motion effectively pushes and bumps that inevitably arise when driving at high speed.


Provide additional moped brakes - front and rear. A single rear brake is not sufficient to ensure safety. Handle brake control output on the steering wheel.


Hang the frame powerplant. It is best to use a standard gasoline engine of a moped, for example, the brand D-6. This single cylinder engine is comparatively easy, simple and reliable in operation. Before installing the loop through the power plant, wash the items gasoline engine, check the unit. If necessary, replace the piston rings. Pay special attention to the reliability of the engine mount to the frame. In the front upper part of the frame fix the fuel tank straps.


Connect the transmission - chain, which connectsengine sprocket with a large rear wheel sprocket. Adjust the chain tension and lubricate it thoroughly. Now you can connect to the arms control and clutch cable throttle.


Set on a moped headlamp and rear reflector light. Without them, riding in the dark can be difficult and unsafe.


Fill the fuel and make a mopedadjustment of engine controls. Successively set up the throttle, clutch and brakes. The finished color design in a practical color, it will give the former bike a completely new look. Now your moped ready for the first start.

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