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How to make a moped


How to make a moped</a>

A bicycle that serves its owner by faithAnd the truth, can be improved by equipping the outboard engine. Turned into a moped, your updated vehicle will help to save effort when traveling for significant distances.

To upgrade a bicycle, you need to understand a little about the technique and be able to handle the simplest tools.

You will need

  • - old bicycle-
  • - Gas engine-
  • - spare parts from a moped-
  • - A set of metalwork tools.



Use a used bicycle,Which will serve as the basis for the construction of the future moped. Make sure that the frame is free from defects and can carry a relatively heavy load. In the place where the motor of the moped will be located, reinforce with welding or bolts an additional reinforcing pad, since the construction will have to withstand not only the driver, but also the power unit.


Fit the frame with two wheels. Use the rim of the old one, who has served his moped. If necessary, remake the front and rear forks if the rim of the wheel is wider than the standard bicycle. On the rear wheel axle, mount an asterisk that will sense the rotational motion of the motor shaft through the chain.


Front fork of vehicle equipShock absorbers, removed from an old moped or a light motorcycle. This is required in order to effectively smooth out the shocks and shocks that inevitably occur when driving at high speed.


Equip the moped with additional brakes - front and rear. A single rear brake will not be enough to ensure safe driving. Handles of management of brake system deduce on a rudder.


Hang the power unit on the frame. It is best to use a standard gasoline engine from a moped, for example, D-6. This single-cylinder engine is comparatively light, simple and reliable in operation. Before installation, dismount the power unit, flush the engine parts with gasoline, check the serviceability of the unit. If necessary, replace the piston rings. Pay special attention to the reliability of fastening the engine to the frame. At the front of the upper frame, secure the fuel tank with the clamps.


Attach the transmission - a chain that will connectAn asterisk of the engine with the big asterisk of a back wheel. Adjust the chain tension and lubricate it properly. Now you can connect the clutch and throttle cables to the control knobs.


Install the headlight and the rear light reflector on the moped. Without them, riding in the dark can be difficult and unsafe.


Fill the moped with fuel and makeAdjustment of engine controls. Sequentially adjust throttle, clutch and brake system. Ready construction paint in a practical color, this will give the former bike a completely new look. Now your moped is ready for the first start.

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