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How to make a mole

In ancient times it was believed that a mole onupper lip - a sign of female sexuality. The well-known model Cindy Crawford believes that a birthmark has brought her fame and celebrity, as it is allocated it against other models.

Angelina Jolie strongly emphasizes his birthmark, considering it as their highlight.



Previously painted birthmarks or cut out of the fabric, andstuck. Now everything is much easier. It is much more natural and spectacular looks a mole made with the help of permanent make-up. This birthmark will look very natural as real, and suffice it to you for many years.


In order to make an artificial birthmark, You need to go to a specialist for permanent make-up or a tattoo parlor. The skilled person will do everything at the highest level - from the present can not be distinguished.
When you come to master to make himself birthmarkHe will ask you what form it should be, what place, what color and size.


Now the place of the future composition of the anesthetic is applied to the mole, if the zone for applying the mole is very sensitive.


Further, from the master starts to drive into the center of the skin coloring composition. This is done in a spiral until the mole has reached the desired size.


At the end of the new tattoo birthmark impose an anesthetic.


Houses need to smear a new birthmark aktoveginom morning and evening. When the primary crust come down, you can stop the smear birthmark aktoveginom. Secondary crust will come in a couple of weeks, and you will be able to enjoy the ultimate view of their moles.

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