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How to make a mobile flower

How to make a mobile flower

Roll flower garden - a wonderful idea of ​​a small garden design.

With it, you can change its appearance several times during the season, and make room for vegetables, herbs and berries.



Use hanging pots and vases. Choose an interesting container or decorate it with his own hands. For example, you can wrap an ordinary flower pot or hemp twine, and to plant lavender in it, so get a mini-garden in a Mediterranean style. Or make some plastic pots vertical container ample plants.


Very organic look in the garden containers,made of natural materials. It can be all sorts of stumps, snags or wicker baskets. Hollow tree stump in the hole, fill it with a nutritious substrate and landed undemanding plants. The bottom wall of the basket and cover with plastic wrap and fill as nutrient substrate. Landed in the capacity of tulips, daffodils, petunias and lobelia viola. Very nice and elegant.


can be used for mobile and flower gardenmetal containers: buckets, watering cans and even the old baths. However, they heat up quickly in the sun, which can cause burns plants. Exit - to paint the outside of the ink containers.


Planted in a container no more than 2-3 seedlings. You can do a little song. One plant is high, for example, marigolds or ageratum, surrounded by lower instances (petunia, pansies, daisies, begonias and lobelia).


Plants growing in pots should bedrought-resistant enough, because the moisture in the container evaporates pretty quickly. Water them as the drying of the upper layer, or add to the soil, the hydrogel.

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