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How to make a mirror ball of the disks

Make a beautiful mirror ball for a party, you can with your hands from the old drive.

You will need

  • Balloon round shape, old newspapers, PVA glue, needle, woods, brush glue, fat cream, old CD-drives, scissors.



Newspapers tear pieces of 2-3 centimeters. Pour a little water, add PVA glue and soak the pieces of paper.


Lubricate the ball fat cream. Pieces of paper stick on the ball, smearing glue if necessary. Once the first layer has dried a little, stick the second layer. Repeat several pa.


When the ball of paper is completely dry, pierce a balloon tip and pull it through the hole at the tip.


Cut the disc with scissors into small squares. Pass along the line of the resulting ball.


Obkleyte ball disk slices, starting from the middle. Try not to leave empty spaces. Leave the bowl to dry thoroughly.


Hang a disco ball in the room, turn off the lights and send him a flashlight, or a ray of light.

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