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How to make a minecraft fireball

How to make a minecraft fireball

Fireball in the game Minecraft - a dangerous weapon or projectile by means of it you can set fire to the world.

To create the need rare materials that are not easy to obtain.

How to make a ball of fire in Minecraft

Fireball consists of powder, powder fireand coal (whether of stone or wood). The powder can be obtained from creeper, witches or Gast, fire powder - from efreet coal easiest way to get to the nearest cave. To make a ball of fire, must be placed on a bench along the central vertical gunpowder beneath fire and charcoal powder at the bottom. From one set of components obtained three fireballs.

Fireballs can be loaded into the distributor, making it a gun.

Creeper - aggressive monsters thatsneak up to the player and explode, causing considerable damage. If you kill a creeper before it explodes, it will fall out of the powder. Since this monster moves almost silently and explodes very quickly, the best weapon for hunting it will bow. Conveniently hunt creeper in the mountains and hills, because these monsters are quite clumsy and jump very bad. Protect themselves from the bombings during hunting creeper can be using domesticated cats because these animals scare away monsters.
The probability to get the powder by killing witches do notvery high. Witches can be found in the marshes, they are unpleasant opponents, as the players shell exploding potions. Creeper - a more reliable source of gunpowder.

Ingredients of the Underworld

Gast - the most uncomfortable way to get gunpowder. They live in the Lower World, fly over the lava lakes and let fireballs. Of course, for the fiery powder falls down into the lower world, as this ingredient can only be obtained from efreet, but during this trip Gast best avoided.
Efreet serve as sources of fire rods ofwhich produces fire powder. They can be found in the infernal castles - are natural structures that exist only in the lower world. Journey through this space is very dangerous and often ends with the death of the player. To move to the lower world to build a portal of obsidian, it is desirable to have a left ten obsidian and flint blocks, to be able at any time to return to the ordinary world. We need to take a gun and fire potion (or enchanted apple), because the whole "sex" Underworld filled with lava.

If you destroy the portal through which you enter the lower world, with a high probability of passing through the new portal back, you will find yourself at home.

Hell fortress located from north to southstripes, so that after the transition to the lower world have to travel in that direction. Efreet have a bad habit of throwing fireballs three pieces in a line. To deal with them is best to use a bow. The rods do not always fall after Ifrit's death, it is desirable to collect them more to put in the long term the next trip to the Underworld. After collecting sufficient number of bars, build a portal and go home.

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