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How to make a minecraft Compass

How to make a minecraft Compass

Compass - a subject which helps to navigate the terrain.

This is true for the real world and the game world for Minecraft.

This is seriously a good thing makes life easier for the players, but to do it at the initial stage of the game is unlikely to succeed.

Compass in Minecraft does not work quite the wayreal. He points to the place where you first appeared in the newly created world. If your home is not far from this point (this is quite common case), the compass will be useful and easy to use. If you have built your house away from this point, to learn to use a compass is a bit more complicated.

Sophisticated components for the recipe

To create a compass you need iron ingots and red dust. If iron in small quantities can be extracted at the beginning of the game, a bit more complicated with red dust.

Compass is used to create a map of the game world.

Iron can be easily found in any cave level64. To extract below which it can pick apart any wood. The veins of iron ore are quite common, so do not have to go on a long journey behind it, at the risk of getting lost and perish. It is enough to go down to a nearby cave, carefully light the torches of its upper levels and, most likely, you will find a welcome source of iron. Because you can dig up the ore to smelt bars in the oven, as the fuel you need to use coal, which is easily searched in the same cave. In the compass you need four ingot. By the way, to get the red dust, you will need an iron pick, a stone is not suitable. So that the minimum amount of iron ore, which is necessary to obtain the initial stage - seven units.

Compass in the lower world will not work. His arrow will randomly toss from side to side.

Red Dust is extracted from red ore thatcan be found only in the deepest caves in the levels between the first and sixteenth. However, at such a depth red ore it is very common, so you can dig it in abundance because of one ore block falls from four to five piles of red dust, and on the compass you need all of that resource unit. Be careful going down so deep, do not be greedy in search of red ore, you can get lost or fall into the lava, which is at a depth of more than of red stone.

Saving compass

Having obtained a sufficient number of ingredients,make a compass. It can be done directly in a cave, if you have a workbench or a board, of which you can create. Compass will help you get back to the house, this is especially true in large cave systems, where it is easy to get lost. Open the interface workbench, put a handful of red dust in the central cell, and four iron ingot place around the cross. Compass to move the Quick Access Toolbar. So you will see where it points.

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