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How to make a million on the stock exchange

How to make a million on the stock exchange

Many want to become millionaires turning their attention to the possibility of earning on the stock exchanges on the Internet.

According to statistics, 95% after the first loss of money disillusioned with the idea.

What actions are needed to avoid falling into these statistics?

You will need

  • - a computer-
  • - Internet connection-
  • - Special software-
  • - Brokerage account.



Modern Market provides for differenttypes of exchanges: foreign exchange, equity and commodity. Accordingly, trade in them is made a convertible currency, securities and products. Modern exchanges allow quite actively participate in their tenders with the help of Internet trading, which has opened up access to the opportunities to make a million on the stock exchange to anyone interested with a computer with Internet access.


Access to the online exchange opened afterconclusion of the contract with a broker and open your own brokerage account. Offers from brokers there is a huge amount, so make the right choice - is not easy. It is possible only after a thorough study of the proposals, which, however, is not too different from each other (a standard set of services, and the only difference in the reliability and the amount of commission).


However, it is a good choice is a brokerbasis for obtaining the coveted million. He, according to the contract, authorized by you to the opening of your account, which you put your own money, and the filing of applications for purchase or sale on your behalf. The broker also provides the necessary software, through which you can see on your computer streaming quotes.


A further process of approaching you to a millionIt depends on whether you have at least a minimum of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and intuition. For knowledge can be passed special courses that prepare everyone who wants to the ability to not "play" on the exchange, but to work and earn. Required skills appear only after independent successes and failures, and the more the experience, the less it will take an intuitive approach to work.


So it does not make sense immediately begin to "play"seriously, just to get some experience and adding to the stock of knowledge, you can make a real exchange amount, which even allow you to do the work on the stock exchange the main source of your income. Do not panic on each loss - they are inevitable, and the way to millionaire passes the one who is able to earn more than losing.

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