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How to make a microscope


Interesting microscope, perhaps, can only be a microscope with higher resolution and magnification. A very interesting device with which you can learn a lot about the world around us.

Microscopes are different in design, there are even without a lens (used as an optical element of a drop of liquid with a high refractive index).

Despite the complexity of the design, the amateur microscope can be assembled at home.

You will need

  • Two lenses 10 diopters each, glue, paper, plywood.



Take a hard sheet of paper and painted aside black. Then glue the tube out of it (the painted color inside) a length of 10 centimeters, and its diameter is done under the lens diameter. Sawn in half pipe. One part is the eyepiece, the other - the lens.


Then do another 20 tube lengthcentimeters, it is the microscope tube. Inside it, too, must be painted black. The diameter of the tube should be such that the two first tube included therein with an interference fit.


After that, in the first two tubes to make the bedlenses, ie paste it into a tube and the eyepiece lens cardboard ring (inner diameter must be less than the diameter of the lens). They should be laid on top of the lens and another ring fix. Rings should also be painted black. Insert tube and the eyepiece lens barrel. Microscope is ready, on the matter of a tripod.


Make a simple tripod C? Shape. Two plywood half-ring 4 cm in width parallel fastened together with wooden cubes in three points, two on the edges of half-rings, and the third is closer to one of the edges. Turn semicircular holder, one end of which is fastened via brackets tube microscope, it is fixed to the other end of the sample stage, and the third point is sealed wooden platform, which will be the bed.

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