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How to make a metal door

How to make a metal door

Buying a metal door is not always justified.

If you have the skills to work with metal, know how to handle the welding machine and angle grinder, then it can make the door on their own and in accordance with their tastes.

You will need

  • Sheet metal, metal pipes, angle grinder (Bulgarian), welding machine, clamps, mortise lock, paint, brush



Make measurements of the doorway. The dimensions of the future take the door on a brick or block wall, not on plaster. Measure the height and width of the doors of the future and reduce the size of 20 mm, to create a technology gap.


Make a box by the door shot size. To do this, take a metal shaped tube with a diameter of 25-50 mm. Cut off the angle grinder (grinder), two pieces of pipe size height of the door. Two pieces that will go on the door width, make less than the width of two sizes of the pipe thickness.


On a flat surface, place the cut pieces of pipe. Put the corners of the box, check the diagonal. Secure the workpiece clamps, so that they did not lead in the direction for welding.


By welding parts in different tackfield, then flip and cook the box front part. Boil for a short seams on the front and the back of the box, without touching the other plane, otherwise the seams will hinder the further assembly.


Now fabricate the frame of the moving part of the doorcanvases. From the profile of the pipe, cut two pieces of the internal size of the box. Prepare four pieces of the width of the box. Grab a piece of pipe welding, weld, and then completely.


Take a sheet metal thickness of 2 mm. Place it on a flat surface and mark the desired size (20 mm subtract from the external dimensions of the box). Using a metal ruler and mark the cutting line tap grinder and cut sheet markup.


Align the cut sheet on the box and weld it in four places. Turn the sheet and weld a frame around the perimeter.


Weld to the door navesy- their size should be equal to the thickness of 20-25 mm. The upper part of the canopy is welded to the sheet, the lower - in the box. Weld sheds a smooth seam.


The moving part of your metal doorembed the castle. The thickness of the crashing of the castle should not exceed 20 mm. Place the door leaf face up on a bench. From the underside of the bar, measure 900 mm. Mark with chalk a place to lock the slot and make an end door. Insert the lock into the slot and mark the place, where there will be a slot for the lock cylinder. Close the box with the castle on top of a sheet of iron to handle rested on a solid foundation of the metal, not hanging in the air.


Remove the dross from the field treated by welding,align joints. Thinner remove grease and dirt from all surfaces of the doors. Cover the surface of the door with primer, and after it has dried, apply a coat of paint. dry Door in horizontal position to avoid drips formed.

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