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How to make the tail of a mermaid



How to create a carnival mermaid costume? Of course, to show imagination!

If everything is clear with the top of this image, then the lower part of the costume causes a certain complexity.

In this article, consider two versions of the tail of a mermaid.

You will need

  • Circular knitted fabric, the so-called knitted stocking
  • White fabric
  • Beads
  • Corset bone
  • Paint on fabric
  • Leggings
  • Fabric of green or blue color



For the upper part of the mermaid costume, a white shiny fabric, or any dress, is suitable. The neck is beaded with beads, they not only decorate the cutout, but they will also hold the obtachka.

For a skirt-tail it is necessary to measure a detail of a stocking. At a distance of about 10 cm from the top cut by soap, we denote the alignment line. The skirt is connected with the upper part, combining the marked line with the lower border of the upper part. Sewing the details on the sewing machine, lay one line higher on 1 cm of the marked line, and the second - just along the line. From above there will be a free edge. We will wrap it on a skirt, having turned inside an open cut. Lapel at the waist resulting in the end - this is the beginning of the tail of the mermaid.


For patterning the fin, the remainderKnit stockings are cut along. From each halves we'll cut the fin - 2 parts with a fold. Sweep the slices of both fin parts and the bottom edge of the skirt. Apply the fins to the bottom edge of the skirt, so that one piece is in front, the other from behind, make sure that the bottom edge of the skirt does not look out from under the fin. Sweep the fins to the skirt, while combining the corners of the fin, and connect the protruding corners to each other. The fin is sewn on the skirt.


The corners of the fin are sewn as follows: The stitch is laid along the top edge to the corner and along the bottom edge to a length of 7.5 cm. At a distance of 1 cm from the edge, place the pieces of the corset bone between the resulting stockings and sew the allowances by the over-seam. After that, the corners of the fin will retain their shape. Paint on the fin stripes.


If this performance of the Little Mermaid Dresses seemsComplex or no time at all, you can do with improvised materials. So, for the top of the dress is a white tight T-shirt. Decorate the collar with beads. And for the tail of a mermaid we'll take elk, green or blue, cut them to 15? 20 cm and to each leg of the sash vlany, they will play the role of the fin of the mermaid. Valans? Tanya canvas, 1 m wide and 25? 30 cm. Preferably green, blue or blue. That's all the mermaid's suit is ready!

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