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How to make a mask of the cap

If you are going to want to masquerade and at the lowest cost to attract public attention to his outfit, the best solution - is to make a mask of conventional knitted cap.

It does not require much effort.

You will need

  • - Usually quite a long knit cap-
  • - Colored woolen nitki-
  • - Thick needle embroidery with large ushkom-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - An old glove or varezhka-
  • - A colorless nail polish.



Take the usual long knitted cap. You can use an old or a new purchase in the store. Such caps are inexpensive because they have a very simple binding. Make scissors slot where the eyes, nose and mouth. Carefully treat the holes on the edges of clear varnish to binding is not dissolved.


After drying varnish take colored woolen threads and obsheyte edge of the slits for eyes and mouth. The holes for the eyes, you can sheathe one color, and mouth - to others.


Take an old glove or mitten. Use scissors to cut off part of the thumb. Along the length of the severed portion of gloves (gloves) should correspond to the length of your nose. Treat the cut this cut of the clear varnish.


Sew the severed part of the gloves (mittens) to place slot for the nose.


Take a woolen thread and make hairmask. For this cut a sufficient number of threads of equal length. Sew each "hair" on top of the mask. "Shag" finished mask can braid, tie ribbons or elastic bands, to cut (if necessary).

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