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How to make a Jason mask


How to make a Jason mask</a>

Probably, many of you would like to have at homeMask of Jason Wurhis, the character of the film "Friday the 13th", in order to frighten or amuse his friends on some occasion, for example, on Halloween. Where can I get such a mask?

It can be made with your own hands.

You will need

  • Plasticine, PVA glue, scissors, brush, paper,Paint tape, gypsum, bandage, sponge, white and red paint, two rags of black nylon, two bolts, a thick rubber band, a drill, a children's mask for the base. It is better to take as a basis the mask of some animated character (for example, a spider), reminiscent of the form of Jason's mask.



So, to begin, take Mask-Basic and glue it with plasticine so thatThe form of the future mask of Jason has turned out. Then on the plasticine paste the paint tape and cover the workpiece with gypsum. Painting tape is necessary in order, firstly, that there are no plasticine particles left in the cast, and secondly, that the mask is smooth from the inside.


Dry the gypsum blank again with a thin layer of plasticine so that subsequent layers of paper better grip the surface. Next, start making the Mask Using the papier-mache technique: Lay out a layer of small pieces of paper soaked in water, then a layer of PVA glue. Through a couple of layers of paper, it's best to lay a layer of bandage soaked with glue - so the mask will be stronger. The top layer is made of thick white paper. And remember that the workpiece should not be too thick - 3-5 mm is enough.


After the papier-mache has dried, cutHoles for the eyes and with a drill, make small holes in the mask pattern. Then, from the inside of the eye hole, cover with a patch of black nylon - so that your eyes are not visible when you put on Mask. Then use bolts to fix the elastic band that will hold Mask On the head. Now you only need to paint Mask In white and using a stencil to make red marks.

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