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How to make a mask of Jason

How to make a mask of Jason

Probably many of you would like to have a homemask of Jason Voorhees, the character of the film "Friday the 13th" to scare or amuse your friends for any occasion, for example, on Halloween. Where can I get this mask?

It is quite possible to make their own hands.

You will need

  • Plasticine, PVA glue, scissors, brush, paper,masking tape, plaster, bandage, sponge, white and red paint, two black nylon flap, two bolts, a thick rubber band, drill, baby mask substrate. It is better to build on the mask of a cartoon character (for example, Spider-Man), resembling the shape of Jason mask.



So, to start take mask-osnovu obkleyte and its plasticine so thatGet in shape the future of Jason mask. Then, on the clay stick masking tape and obmazhte blank plaster. Masking tape is required to, firstly, it left in the cast clay, and secondly the particles to mask the inside was smooth.


The dried gypsum blank again obmazhte thin clay layer to the next layer of paper better grips with the surface. Then start making form mask using the technique of papier-mache: Put a layer of small pieces of paper, soaked in water, then a layer of PVA glue. After a couple of layers of paper better lay a layer of bandage impregnated with glue - so the mask will be stronger. The top layer is made of thick white paper. And remember that harvesting should not be too thick - 3-5 mm is sufficient.


After the papier-mâché dried, cutopenings for the eyes and to make a drill hole on drawing the small masks. Then, the inside of the eye holes close patches of black nylon - that your eyes could not be seen when you wear mask. Further, with the bolts attach the gum, which hold mask on his head. Now you have only to paint mask white and using a stencil to make red marks.

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