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How to make a mask of fox

How to make a mask of fox

Near the Christmas holidays and, of course, children's tree, morning and masquerades.

The heroes of Russian fairy tales are very popular with the kids - this is a brutal wolf, and goof-bear, and bunny-poprygayka and sly fox. Masks of these characters will never be superfluous in a family where there are children.

Make them one by one basis, start with a fox mask.

You will need

  • - cardboard
  • - kraski-
  • - kisti-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - elastic.



Patterns and pictures fox mask, which you will findin this article, you can enlarge and print on the copier. If you have plain paper, then mount it on the strength of cardboard. Cut fox mask gently on the loop, try to face and make holes for the eyes. On each side of the mask, where you will attach the gum, the inside of the stick adhesive tape. By gum proceed cautiously holes.


Much more interesting to look mask paintedmanually. To do this, fit the bright saturated colors for children's creativity. Consult the store, what kind of paint you buy for the New Year's mask - for a long time it will come into contact with the face of a child, and it can be dangerous if you are allergic. Buy a few different brushes.

Print out your favorite mask and a foxproceed with the coloring. To ready-made mask looked carefully painted the same color detail paint, wait until it dries before putting the paint of another color. At the very least a fine brush circle the black outlines.


As the fox mask your holiday, feel free to decorate it with tinsel and shiny sequins. Some products details are finished with pieces of red and white fur.

Mask fox romping decorate luxurious mustache and his cap. Strive not with eyelashes and other make-up on the mask - it is unlikely to please the boy.

For Yobi draw on the mask bow and paste it into fluffy ears earrings.


To complement the image of a fox a mustmake the tail - a chic and fluffy! Sew a simple cape orange furry, sew her fox tail. It would be nice to come to this costume and black gloves. Good mask obtained from velvet paper.

For more festive sprinkle lacquer mask for hair with golden sequins.

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