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griffon mask

If you dream of a completely unusual mask, which does not buy in the store, and do not cut from the magazine, you will help to papier-mache. We'll have to work hard, but the result is worth it.

You will have the most unusual New Year's masquerade mask.

From any clay mask Fashion a griffin. Better to take the old hard clay. Dilute PVA glue with water in a ratio of 1: 3. Tear newspaper into pieces and soak them with a solution, then thickly, in several layers of plasticine mask coat.

When the paper dries, remove it with clay. Cut the rough edges and white acrylic paint. Paint the mask in any color gouache, mixed with white glue or acrylic. You can paint the mask patterns. To do this, use the contour of paint in tubes with a long spout. Between the layers of paper can be glued bright feathers.

The mask will look very smart, if youdecorate it with sequins or beads. Needle make holes on the sides of the mask, pull them through the gum desired length and tie knots on the inside of the mask.

From paper mache mask will turn any shape and size. This may be a griffin, Baba Yaga or Mexican jerboa.

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