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How to make a dog mask


How to make a dog mask</a>

To the carnival costume of the dog you need a mask.

It may just be a dog or a character in a popular fairy tale, like Sharik from a knick-knack company, the hero of the popular French comic book Pyth or one of the Dalmatians.

The mask may be needed for story-role games in the kindergarten, and for a domestic play.

It can be made from different materials.

You will need

  • - a computer with a printer-
  • - Heavy paper-
  • - Acrylic colors or gouache-
  • - lacquer-
  • - cardboard-
  • - PVA glue-
  • - the fabric of the desired color-
  • - thick foam-
  • - pieces of paraplen-
  • - a pattern of cap-cap-
  • - sewing accessories.



For story-role games, you can make a mask fromPaper. The mask with slits for the eyes is not very comfortable, so it is better to make it in the form of a rim with a dog muzzle attached to it. Visit the suitable picture with a muzzle dogs. Translate it into Adobe Photoshop in black and white mode, so that only the outlines remain, set the desired dimensions and print.


Color the mask in the right colors with acrylicPaint or gouache, dry and varnish. Stick the mask on the cardboard and trim at the edges. From the strip of thick paper, make a bezel. The strip should be slightly longer than the volume of the head, because it is most convenient to combine the edges overlap. Sew them or glue them. Sew a mask to the rim.


You can make a mask dogs Based on caps. It consists of several parts - actually hats, muzzles and ears. Find a pattern of a cap-cap suitable size. If at hand there is only a cap for the baby, increase the pattern to the desired size. To sew such a cap is better from a dense, but not very thick fabric of a suitable color. It is better, if it is a pattern of the bonnet, consisting of two sidewalls and the middle part. The middle part is a strip, and it can be cut out at once about 2 times longer than required by the pattern. Sew a hat, process the seams and edges and sew the strings. The protruding piece of the middle part is left untreated.


For the muzzle, cut out a strip of paraplane. Its length depends on the size of the cap. It will have to go from the top of the head to the front edge of the cap and project forward inches to 5-6. Sew the paraplan to the middle of the cap and cover with its remaining piece of strip of fabric. Sew a strip along the edge, starting from the place where it comes out from under the cap, to the middle of the protruding short side. Do the same on the other side. Strongly pick up the nose and tie the ends of the thread.


You will cut out from a foam rubber 2 circles with a diameter of 8-10 cm. Sew them with a cloth. Sew along the edges of the seam "forward needle", grabbing the fabric and foam rubber, and lightly pick. Sew the foam "cheeks" to the middle of the short section of the paraplan strip, to the side edge of it and to the side of the bonnet.


Cut out the top of the face. Print or redraw the image, cut off the forehead with the eyes and translate into the paraplan and fabric. When cutting the fabric, consider the thickness of the paraplan and the allowances for the seams. Cut out the details, fold them face-to-face with each other, aligning all the slices. Stitch and unscrew on the front side. Insert the parapel and seal the bottom seam.


Sew the top of the face to the cap. Place it vertically. In places where the front edge of the cap is connected to the cheeks and nose, sew a new part to the cap. It is most convenient to weld it with a hidden seam in turn from the forehead and the back of the head. If the upper part does not immediately rise vertically, tighten it in the right places with a few stitches.


Decorate the face. The bottom of the cheeks can be sewn with fur and make fur eyebrows and eyelashes. In place of the nose, sew or glue a leather or felt oval. You can make a piece of felt or drape circle, insert a piece of foam rubber, sew a circle around the edge and pull it together. Sew the ball as a nose. Cut out for eye 2 white ovals and paste them on the right places of the vertical part of the face. Iridescent shells can be made from pieces of leather or black felt.


Make the ears depending on the dog breed. For the hanging ears, cut out 4 long rectangles. Each round the corners on one side. It is more convenient to do this pairwise, by folding the rectangles with faces. Stitch the ears, unscrew and insert there pieces of the appropriate form of sintepon. Sew them with a hidden seam along the lines connecting the middle of the cap and the side parts of it and trim them with fur strips.


For standing ears, cut out 4 triangles. You can make the outer parts of the same fabric as the hat, and the inner - from a light flannel. Sew the ears, insert the triangular pieces of paraplane there and seal the bottom. You can pick up the ears on the bottom edge and slightly bend, so that the front part is slightly concave.

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