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How to make a dog mask

How to make a dog mask

By a carnival costume dog need a mask.

It may just be a dog or a popular fairy tale character, like balls of prostokvashinskoy company, Hero popular French comic Pif or one of the Dalmatian.

The mask may be necessary for the plot-role-playing games in the kindergarten, and for home play.

It can be made of different materials.

You will need

  • - Computer printerom-
  • - Dense bumaga-
  • - Acrylic paint or guash-
  • - lactose
  • - cardboard
  • - PVA glue-
  • - Fabric desired colors-
  • - Thick porolon-
  • - Pieces paraplena-
  • - Pattern hats chepchika-
  • - Sewing supplies.



To plot-role-playing games, you can make a mask ofpaper. Mask with slits for the eyes is not very convenient, so it's best to do it in the form of a rim attached thereto dog muzzle. Go to the appropriate picture muzzle dogs. Turn it into Adobe Photoshop in black and white mode, so that only the outlines, set the desired size and print.


Paint the mask in the desired color acrylicpaint or gouache, dry and cover with varnish. Apply the mask on cardboard and cut along the edges. From strips of construction paper make the rim. The strip should be slightly longer than the volume of the head, because it is most convenient to connect the edges overlap. Sew or glue them. Sew to the rim of the mask.


You can make a mask dogs based cap. It consists of several parts - caps, snouts and ears. Find the pattern hats bonnet suitable size. If you have only cap for baby, increase the pattern to the desired size. Sew a better cap of thick, but not very thick fabric of a suitable color. Better if it will be a bonnet pattern consisting of two sides and the middle part. The middle part is a strip, and it is possible to carve out immediately about 2 times longer than required by the templates. Sew the hat, cut the seams and edges and sew straps. He let a piece of the middle part of the untreated.


To carve out a strip faces Paraple. Its length depends on the size of the cap. It must be held from the top to the front edge of the cap and to come forward for 5-6 cm. Sew Paraple by mid-caps and obsheyte his remaining piece of the strip of fabric. Sew along the edge of the strip, from where it comes out from under his cap, until the middle of serving the short side. Do the same on the other end. Strong is gathered nose and tie the ends of the thread.


Cut from foam 2 circle with a diameter of 8-10 cm. Obsheyte their cloth. Sew around the edges of the seam "forward needle", capturing the fabric and foam, and a little is gathered. Sew foam "cheek" to the middle of a short cut paraplenovoy strip to the side of its edge and to the side bonnet.


Carve the upper part of the muzzle. Print or redraw the picture, cut from her forehead with the eyes and move on Paraple and fabric. When cutting the fabric aware Paraple thickness and seam allowances. Cut out the parts, put them right sides together, aligning all sections. Stitch and turn out on the front side. Insert Paraple and seal the bottom seam.


Sew the top of the snout to the cap. Put it vertically. In places where the front edge of the cap is connected to the cheeks and nose, sew a new item to the header. The preferred pritachivat it a secret seam turns from the forehead and neck. If the upper part of the right not rise vertically tighten it in the right places a few stitches.


Pattern the muzzle. The bottom of the cheeks can be clad with fur and fur to make eyebrows and eyelashes. On the nose place sew or glue the felt or leather oval. You can make a piece of felt or drape circle, to insert a piece of foam, sew the edge of the circle and pull. Sew as ball nose. Cut out the eyes 2 white ovals, and glue them to the desired locations of the vertical faces. Irises can be made of leather or pieces of black felt.


Make the ears, depending on the dog's breed. For hanging ears carve out 4 long rectangles. Each chamfer angles on one side. It is more convenient to do it in pairs folded squares right sides. Sostrochite ears, remove and paste pieces syntepon appropriate form. Sew them a hidden seam along the lines of connection mid-caps and the side of its parts and finished their fur stripes.


4 To carve out a triangle standing ears. You can make the external parts of the same fabric as the hat, and the interior - from light flannel. Sew ears to insert the triangular pieces Paraple and seal the bottom. Can ears is gathered at the bottom edge and slightly bend to the front part was a bit concave.

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