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How to make a cat mask


How to make a cat mask</a>

In Venice there were few cats, because of this to themTreated with great respect and eventually dedicated a carnival mask to them. In those days there was a legend about how a man came from China to Venice without a penny in his pocket, but with a cat.

Despite the fact that the cat was old and decrepit, he caught all the mice in the palace, which surprised and pleased the doge.

As a result, the cat stayed in Venice, and the owner left for China as a rich man.

You will need

  • In order to make a cat mask you will need: a thick paper (for drawing, in extreme cases you can take cardboard or album sheets), glue, scissors, a little colored paper.



For your mask you need two A4 sheets - one on the earsAnd one on the muzzle. Start with a muzzle. Tame the length of the leaf by 7-8 centimeters, so that the cat's face does not turn out to be too elongated. Make a cut in the middle of the leaf by about a third, as well as incisions sideways a few centimeters.


With the tip of the scissors, draw lines from the end of the incision to the eyebrow line and make bends. Flip your Mask On the opposite side and draw a tip of the scissors, a little back from the folds, and then bend them.


Incisions on the chin are superimposed on each other so that the nose turns out and paste. Mark the points for the eyes and cut out the holes for them.


Use the marker to draw the eyelashes. Cut out the nose from colored paper in the form of a heart, use a table edge to create a small bend and paste. From thinly cut strips, do a "curl" and glue the mustache and tongue.


Round the corners of the top of your mask. The second sheet of paper fold in half and cut out the ears. Using the edge of the table, bend the ears and glue them. The mask is ready.

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