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How to make a cat mask

How to make a cat mask

In Venice, there was little cats, because of themtreated with great respect and as a result they have devoted a carnival mask. In those days, I went legend about how people came from China to Venice without a penny in his pocket, but with a cat.

Despite the fact that the cat was old and decrepit, he overfishing all the mice in the palace, which surprised and delighted the Doge.

As a result, the cat stayed in Venice, and the owner had gone to China rich.

You will need

  • In order to make a cat mask you will need: construction paper (for drawing, in extreme cases can take cardboard or album pages), glue, scissors, a little bit of colored paper.



For your masks need two sheets of A4 - one on the earsand one on the snout. Start with a muzzle. Tame the length of a sheet of 7-8 centimeters, so that the cat muzzle is not turned too stretched. Make a slit in the middle of the sheet by about one-third of it, as well as cuts to the side by a few centimeters.


Sharp scissors draw a line from the end of a cut to the brow line and make creases. Turn your mask on the reverse side and slide the tip of the scissors, step back a little from the bend, then bend them.


The cuts on his chin impose on each other so as to obtain the nose and glue. Mark the points for the eyes and cut out holes for them.


Marker draw the lashes. Cut a nose out of colored paper in the form of heart, create a slight bend and paste using the edge of the table. Of thinly sliced ​​strips make a "perm" and glue whiskers and tongue.


Round off the corners of the upper part of your mask. The second piece of paper fold in half and cut out the ears. With the edge of the table, fold ears and glue them. The mask is ready.

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