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How to get the management company to make repairs


How to get the management company to make repairs</a>

Everyone who has lived in an apartment buildingHouse, faced with the complexities of interaction with the management company. Managing companies that do not meet any complaints from the tenants - rather, an exception to the rules of modern reality.

If it comes to such a serious event as repairing a house, it is even more difficult to achieve quality actions from a management company.



Make sure that you do not have problems with repairsHouse, should be in advance, namely at the stage of concluding a contract with the management company. The contract must contain items that clearly stipulate the duties of the repairsAt home and conditions on which repairs will be.


Start a solution repairsFrom the reference to the management company. Appeal should be collective, that is all tenants of the house at the general meeting must decide on the need repairsAnd make a statement to the management company.


If the management company does not respond to yourLegal requirements, the next instance for you will be a housing inspection, where you have the right to file a complaint. Upon the submission of the complaint, verification is carried out, and if the refusal to conduct repairsAnd has no objective grounds, the performer will be obliged to fulfill the terms of the contract under the threat of imposing penalties.


In most cases at this stage of complexityInteraction with the management company coming to an end, realizing that the tenants are serious, the company is likely to prefer constructive dialogue to the conflict. This is actually a victory, it remains only to organize the process of quality control of the work performed, because it is poorly executed repairs - this is another sick topic of modern housing and communal services.


In some cases, evenChecks and penalties. Here it is necessary to take more decisive measures. Help to cope with negligent management company complaint to the prosecutor's office and a statement of claim in court.


You can, of course, terminate the contract with the managerCompany and conclude a new one with a more responsible representative of the housing and communal services sector, but this will mean repeating the entire path from the very beginning, although as a last resort this option is also acceptable.

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