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How to make a management company to make repairs

How to make a management company to make repairs

Anyone who happened to live in an apartmenthouse, faced with the complexities of the interaction with the management company. Management companies that do not meet any complaints from residents - rather exception to the rule of contemporary reality.

If it comes to such an important event as the renovation of the house, to achieve high-quality action from the management company it becomes even more difficult.



Take care of that you have no problems with repairsom home should be in advance, and it is at the stage of conclusion of the contract with the management company. The contract points, clearly stipulating the responsibilities of the Executive must be present on the repairsthe house and the conditions under which repairs will be.


Start a decision repairstion issue with reference to the management company. Treatment should be collective, that is, all the tenants at a general meeting shall decide on the need repairsbut also make a statement to the management company.


If the management company does not respond to yourlegal requirements, the next instance will be for you housing inspection, which you have the right to appeal. Upon complaint is checked, and if the refusal to hold repairsand is devoid of objective justification, the Executive will be obliged to fulfill the terms of the agreement under the threat of imposition of penalties.


In most cases, the complexity at this stageinteraction with the management company come to an end, aware that tenants are serious, the company is likely to prefer a constructive dialogue conflict. This is actually a victory, will only organize the process of quality control of work performed, as poorly executed repairs - Is another sore subject of modern utilities.


In some cases, even find themselves powerlesschecks and penalties. You have to go to more drastic measures. Help cope with the negligent management company complaint to the prosecutor and the statement of claim to the court.


You can, of course, to terminate the contract with the managementcompany and sign a new one with a responsible representative of the housing sector, but it would mean a repetition of all the way from the start, although as a last resort, this option is also acceptable.

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