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HOW do Magnet Iron Spider

How to Make Magnet Iron Spider

In my opinion, useless things do not happen.

Needlewoman is proven and constantly prove. I suggest you make a very original magnet titled "Iron Spider".

This hack probably will surprise anyone.

You will need

  • - 8 equal a spring
  • - 8 small round magnitov-
  • - Cup lampshades ceiling lamp - 2 piece-
  • - screw-
  • - gayka-
  • - A small round piece of svetilnika-
  • - Small metal balls - 2 piece-
  • - Adhesive pistolet-
  • - Screwdriver.



At one end of each of the springs needattach magnets. To do this, using the glue gun in the spring of glue do something like the pillows. After creating a cushion should wait a couple of seconds before sticking the magnet, otherwise it will simply lose their properties and demagnetized.


Foot-springs of the future must be a spider clampbetween two pieces of lampshades ceiling lamp so that the magnets are on the outside. Then, in the central hole, insert the screw and tighten the nut all the resulting structure.


The next step - the head sticking crafts. To do this, simply apply the adhesive to the prepared item, and then press it to a certain place. Note that the spider's head should not be hard, otherwise the spring just will not keep this weight.


It remains to glue the eyes article. Magnet "Iron Spider" is ready! This hack can be used not only as an ornament of the refrigerator - it can keep your feet, springs and all kinds of small calendars. Also, this can serve as a magnet "organizer", that is to hold pens and pencils in the holes that are located on the trunk.

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