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How to make a lump on the technique kanzashi?

How to make a lump on the technique kanzashi?

Fashion trends of the East reached and ranks hendmeykerov.

A new hobby - products kanzashi in the art, the ancient Japanese art.

Needlewoman reproduce the traditional flowers and create a self-invented for home decoration.

Kanzashi - what is it?

In the traditional Japanese sense kanzashiare female hair ornaments. They come in various types and are worn with a kimono. Kanzashi are not only beautiful decoration but also show the status and underline the woman's age.

Kanzashi made of various materials, butthe most popular purchased hana kanzashi in the world. These clips are performed in a variety of colors and are intended primarily for maiko - young geisha girls. Flowers kanzashi created from numerous small squares of silk folding technique.

These are precious kanzashimetals, wood, turtle shells. Students geishas used to decorate numerous silk flowers, and experienced priestesses wearing a modest but expensive comb.

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This technique has gained a lot of needleworkfans outside of Japan. Products produced unusual and very beautiful, perfect for interior decoration or as a gift. In this case use the silk is not necessary. To create a craft technique for kanzashi needlewoman choose satin ribbons, chiffon, crepe, and other light fabrics.

Cone Technology for kanzashi

Today kanzashi technique is used to createunusual, original interior. Very impressive look bumps. Depending on the fabric color, you can get a festive Christmas toy and modest decorative accessory.

To make a lump, select wide satin ribbon in two colors. Also, you will need:
- Bulb for osnovy-
- pintset-
- Transparent Klein
- Monofilament / nylon nit-
- nozhnitsy-
- Bead.

The tape is cut into equal squares. On the ball mark the center point. Glue it one of the squares, aligning the middle. The rest of the blank fold in half so that a triangle.

Work with the base on a flat surface uncomfortable. To the ball is not rolling away, place the jar / glass, the diameter of which is somewhat smaller holes. To fix can use double sided tape on the table.

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Details-triangle fold again and sew onlong side. Four blank stick on the square, already placed on the ball. Attach to be sharp corners to the center of the basics. Also will be located other series, consisting of two parts with 4 parts.

The second row of cones, place in betweenfirst, pasted below. The next four parts formed close the empty space. Make sure that the last four triangles were in line with previous along the bottom edge. Subsequent rows create a similar manner by changing color.

When the ball is almost completely hidden under"Petals", turn it over and cover the empty space satin square (in the beginning). On top of his stick past rows of triangles, strictly observing the direction of the corners (they should be directed to the outside, as in all products). Top bumps zadekoriruyte remnants of tape, collecting it in an impromptu flower on a thread. Complete the articles of beautiful beads, buttons or a loop for hanging.

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