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How to make a loudspeaker

How to make a loudspeaker

Loudspeaker, high quality made with their own hands, will sound better than finished.

A design it can have a unique and fantastic, such a person like you.

You will need

  • - Wood fiber plita-
  • - elektrolobzik-
  • - Film-adhesive
  • - fanera-
  • - Screwdrivers, drills and samorezy-
  • - Dynamic golovki-
  • - krossover-
  • - payalnik-
  • - wires-
  • - Klein
  • - Acoustically transparent cloth-
  • - Terminals.



Cut from wood-fiber boards and wallscollect one box with screws such a volume that it fit the dynamic head can be made and the larger box, then there will be a better bass sound. The back wall of the cut-out thinner plywood. The front wall of the cut hole dynamic head (or multiple heads if multiband system), and in the rear drill several holes of small diameter, and a rectangular hole cut terminals. If the speaker is wall-mounted, cut the mounting hole in the form of a "thermometer". "Ball" "thermometer" must have a greater diameter than the fastening screw cap wall, and "column" - smaller.


Inside the box, set it to a designatedhole dynamic head. The power to which it is intended, should be greater than the output power of the amplifier. Secure it with four screws so long that they are not drilled through the wall. If you are making multi-band column, fasten all head for different frequencies. Crossover if any attach to the side wall. Cover the outside of the front wall of acoustically transparent cloth, making sure that the glue does not enter the diffusers heads. Allow the glue to dry.


On the back wall of the connector clamps strengthenoutwardly. Attach it to the dynamic head wires long enough to rear wall can be removed freely. The multi-band speakers are all head to the crossover according to the instructions to him, and the crossover - to the terminal block. Fasten the rear wall. The side walls paste over self-adhesive film.


If the amplifier is stereo, manufacturesecond the same column. Only now connect the amplifier. Listen to the sound made by your speakers. hang them on the wall, if desired.

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