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How to make a lot of hearts Vkontakte

How to make a lot of hearts Vkontakte

This boom Vkontakte collection of hearts fell on the year 2011-2012, when only the button "Like" appeared.

Around the same time, there were services, cheat on this parameter in unimaginable quantities.

Methods for increasing the hearts Vkontakte

Enlarge hearts, for example, Text can beinstalling the application "hypocrite" or for any other exchange. The bottom line is that you put the "Like" button on different pages, and people put them in your response.
Another way to increase the appeal to becomevarious people involved wrap likes using a non-existent pages through the program. All of them get the job to put the heart in the right place, and the program executes it for them.
Also, some people send in personalmessages to your friends, and not only the request to put this heart who is not too lazy, and someone lazy, here as lucky. This is a very intrusive method, after which the number of friends in your list may be reduced, so use caution.
You can also try to walk in groups withopen comments and leave notes for fresh request to click on this button. There is one drawback - people can complain about you to support Vkontakte administrators after several complaints decide that your page is broken and freeze it. To defrost you will need to take a SMS with a code to your phone, which is linked page.
From a good way to increase the heart cannote the participation in various competitions, and they will lead you to the new "likes", and new friends, or subscribers, it is much more useful. The better your picture and the better the information you provide, the greater the probability of getting a larger value "Like".
The ingenuity of people over the edge, perhaps now there are other ways of winding this indicator.

And whether it is necessary to wind the hearts Vkontakte

It is better to think about what you need. When the number of hearts is very different from the number of friends, it looks unnatural. Such popularity on the social network will not add you to the popularity of life and a better you become. So what is right and reasonable to spend time on a favorite hobby, walking, talking, reading books, self-development, but on anything than wanton wrap fictional setting that does not reflect the actual location of the people to you.

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