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How to make a local network


How to make a local network</a>

Setting up a local network can help solve the problem of sharing files, sharing Internet, allowing the use of network applications.

You will need

  • Does the UTP cable require a UTP cable? 5e (? Twisted pair?), A switch with a number of ports equal to the number of computers in the future network, RJ-45 connectors and a tool for crimping connectors.



Select a location for the installation of the switch. From each computer to it the cable will be put, so it is most convenient to place it in the center of the future network. Route the cables from computers to the switch.


Put the RJ-45 connectors on the cables. Connectors are dressed so that the wires inside them are arranged in colors: white-orange, orange, white-green, blue, white-blue, green, white-brown, brown? If you hold the connector with the contacts facing up. Check the location of the wiring, the fullness of their input into the connector and, if okay, press the connector with the tool. Connect the computers with the switch.


Configure network cards for computers. Right-click the? Network environment? And select? Properties ?. In the opened window? Network connections? Open the properties of the connection over the local network. Open the Internet Protocol Properties (Tcp / IP). Assign computers IP addresses? ?,? ?,? And so on for all computers on the network. The subnet mask for all computers will be the same? ?. Note that all computers must be in the same workgroup. Right-click on the label "My Computer"? And select Properties? In the drop-down menu. On the tab "Computer name?" Specify a common workgroup, for example, "Workgroup".

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