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How to make a local area network

How to make a local area network

Setting the LAN can help solve the problem of file sharing, public access to the Internet, allows you to use network applications.

You will need

  • To install the required LAN UTP cable? 5e (? Twisted pair?), A switch from the number of ports equal to the number of computers in the future network, RJ-45 connectors and crimping tool for connectors.



Choose a location to install Svicha. From each computer cable to it, so it's best to place it in the center of the future network will be laid. Route the cables from computers to Svicha.


Put on cable RJ-45 connectors. Connectors dress so that the wires inside are arranged by color? White-orange, orange, white and green, blue, white, blue, green, white and brown, brown ?, if you hold the connector contacts facing up. Check the location of the wires, the fullness of their entry into the connector and, if all goes well, the connector crimp tool. Connect computers to the Switch.


Adjust computer network cards. Right-click on the icon? Network Neighborhood? and select? Properties? .In the open window? Networking? open the connection properties on the local network. Open the properties of the Internet Protocol (Tcp / IP). Set the computer's IP address? ?,? ?,? and so on for all network computers. The subnet mask for all PCs will be the same? ?. Note that all of the computers must be in the same workgroup. Right-click on the label? My Computer? and select? Properties? the drop-down menu. On the? Computer name? set a common working group, for example,? Workgroup ?.

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