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How to draw a leopard drawing on nails?


How to draw a leopard drawing</a>

Leopard prints are a fashion trend in clothes.

Support it will help and the appropriate manicure, which is easy to do at home.

Do not limit yourself to the classic golden brown range, the leopard pattern can be made in any colors.

Nail preparation

Before you start designing, do yourself a manicure. Bright contrast stains will draw attention to the hands and nails, which should be in perfect condition.
Choose the length and shape of the nails. Bold leopard decor most spectacular looks on oval or rounded-square plates of moderate length. Too long nails with sharp corners, decorated under a leopard, will look too aggressive.
Sew the nails to the desired length, then giveIt's a form. Make sure that it is the same on all fingers. Cuticle oil with a gel or an acid-based liquid, and then slide it to the base of the nail. Excessively overgrown cuticle can be removed with nippers or manicure scissors.
Align the nail surface with a polishing file. The smoother the plates will be, the nicer the manicure will be. Moreover, the varnish lasts longer on the polished surface. If the nails are ribbed, apply two layers of a leveling base on them. Smooth plates can be covered with any protective base. Dry the base and proceed to the design of the nails.

Topical leopard: avant-garde or classic

Choose the right colors. You will need a background lacquer, an enamel for drawing specks, and also an acrylic paint or a special varnish for a design with a thin brush. Try to make a simple, but fashionable manicure in beige-brown colors.
Cover the nails with two layers of beige lacquer-base. Dry it. Then you can paint the specks with a varnish of dark brown color. Spot the spots chaotically, their shape should be wrong. Simulate the drawing of the leopard skin, applying a varnish in one touch. Dry the coating.

Do not apply lacquer. They dry very long, and the surface of the nail turns out to be uneven.

The next stage is the fringing of spots. It is done with varnish for decor with a very fine brush. If you do not have such a tool, use any dense black lacquer and a round thin brush. Collect a little enamel and gently trace the outline of the spots. You can diversify the picture by circling one part of each spot with black varnish, and the other - golden. Such a manicure will look very festive. Dry the lacquer.

If your varnish dries too slowly, treat each layer with spray drying.

The final touch is the top cover with glitter. Apply it in a thick layer - the top not only gives the manicure a shine, but also makes the nail surface perfectly flat.
If the classic beige-chocolate versionIt seems to you too boring, try other color combinations. Very beautiful look brown specks on the turquoise background, greenish-gray - on the dairy, and black - on the raspberry. You can decorate only a few nails, leaving the rest colored in the background color.

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