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HOW do leopard box


This box is not only beautiful, but also unusual.

It is possible to put a gift for a friend and he will surely be delighted with this original packaging in the form of predator spotted.

You will need

  • - Circuit boxes
  • - rope
  • - pen
  • - scissors
  • - glue
  • - Kitchen sponge
  • - paint
  • - cardboard
  • - brush



Details of the scheme and print on the printer box. Cut out the details of the contour and the side of the glue. Put in a box gift. Assemble a leopard's head and tie a rope around the neck or more plant fibers.

leopard box


Apply on its face, expressive eyes and nose. Black marker circle eyes, Doris corners of the eyes and a vertical pupil. Some pupils put white paint point-glare.


From kitchen sponges cut details cat paws andstick them on the board in the form of print. Thick paint carefully paint the mark in any desired color. Immediately make a mark on the paper card and attach it to the present. Do not forget to write in a wish.

gift box

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