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How to make a leash for dogs

How to make a leash for dogs

Leash - accessories needed in every family,where there is a dog. When choosing a leash is necessary to consider not only the breed, size and type of your pet's fur, but its purpose - whether you use it for walking your pet on nature in the city, or you need it for training of animals.

It is understood that the correctness of the choice of the leash in some cases, may depend not only how convenient you will use it, and even the life of your dog.



In pet stores today presented a widedog leashes range of different types of: roulette, chain, harness or conventional nylon leashes. However, the design of leads in the majority of cases is no different variety. Therefore, if you suddenly want to please yourself and your pet a beautiful accessory, you can try to do it yourself.

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To begin with, of course, is to buy a ready-madeleash that you take as a basis. Of course, you can completely do lead their own hands, for example, to take a few leather strings, weave them, make a loop for the hand on one side and attach the carabiner on the other. But such an accessory will probably give way to purchase a leash in strength, which is important, especially for owners of large breeds.

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So, buying (or make) a lead base, youYou can purchase everything you need to decorate it in any clothing store. For example, if the basis was taken or thin leather canvas leash, it is possible to decorate all kinds of metal rivets, buckles, chains, buttons, sequins, lace, appliques, and so on.

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There are many options for decorating the leashfor dogs, they are limited only by human imagination that has taken over the production of this accessory. The main thing is to result in your work item was not just beautiful, but also comfortable and functional.

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