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How to make a layout


How to make a layout</a>

Without a business card, you can not imagineA modern business person who has professional contacts and connections with partners and colleagues. A business card that will become your face in front of new acquaintances and colleagues can be ordered from a designer, or can you do it yourself? Provided that you own graphic programs and know the rules for creating a business card layout.

In this article we will tell you how to make a simple business card layout.



Professional designers select for each customer an individual design layout, suitable for the type of its activities and logo.


Install and run the vector graphicEditor Corel Draw and draw thin lines in the silhouette of the layout of the business card in the size of 90 to 50 mm, taking into account the printed field, which will later be circumcised, and taking into account the frame on which the visual objects of the business card can enter.


The central rectangle of the layout will be activeField of the business card on which all elements of the image will be placed, which must first be translated into CMYK 300 dpi. To convert, run the command Image & gt-Convert to bitmap & gt-CMYK.


The business card layout accepted in any printing house for printing must be made in Corel Draw and have a vector format, and the fonts must be translated into curves.


After you write on the business card you needText with a suitable font and place it in the desired position, apply the command Convert to curves to it. Use only the CMYK color scheme and do not use RGB? Only CMYK on print will look authentic.


Background image for a business cardThe size is slightly larger than the size of the business card itself, for better cutting after printing. All visual effects (shadows, gradients, and so on) form in one general group and translate into a raster.

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