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How to make a layout

How to make the layout

Without a business card can not imaginemodern business person having professional contacts and communication with partners and colleagues. Business cards, which will be in front of your face with new friends and colleagues, can be ordered from the designer, and you can do it yourself? provided that you own graphics software and know the rules of layout business card.

In this article, we will tell you how to make a simple layout business cards.



Professional designers are selected for each customer's individual design layout, the appropriate type of activity and its logo.


Install and run vectorCorel Draw editor and draw a thin line silhouette business card layout size of 90 to 50 mm in view of the printing field, which later will be clipped, and taking into account the scope, which can go a small visual objects.


Central layout rectangle is activefield business card, which will be placed all the elements of the image that is first necessary to convert to CMYK 300 dpi. To perform the conversion team Image & gt-Convert to bitmap & gt-CMYK.


Layout business card received in any print shop for printing, it must be made in Corel Draw and have a vector format, and fonts should be converted to curves.


After you write the business card to the rightappropriate text font and place it in the desired position, apply a command Convert to curves. Only use the CMYK color scheme, and do not use RGB? Only CMYK print will look authentically.


Background image for a business card, selectslightly larger than the very small size, for better trim after printing. All visual effects (shadow, gradients, etc) are formed into a single group, and converting a bitmap.

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