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How to make the layer transparent in photoshop


With the help of Photoshop, even a banal shot can be turned into an interesting story</a>

Adobe Photoshop not only helpsEdit photo images by adjusting the degree of brightness and contrast of the pictures, but also with it you can create photo collages and compositions using a layer property such as transparency.

You will need

  • Adobe Photoshop



Open in Photoshop a snapshot with which you want to work or create a new image.


To make one layer Transparent relative to the other, place it higher on the layers panel. If you want to make the background transparent, unlock it with a double click of the mouse.


In order to make layer Transparent, in the layers panel Layers (Window & gt-Layers / Window & gt-Layers) you need to find the transparency opacity. Moving the slider to the left or right adjusts the transparency of the layer. The same function is performed by the Fill slider, located below.


Using transparency relative to another layerYou can create impressive images. To do this, you need to change the transparency settings from the Normal layer (to the left of the Opacity slider in the layers panel) on any of the following list. The result of applying transparency to different layers is unpredictable, so in this case, opens the scope for the experiment.


The transparency of the layer can also adjust the intensity of the filter layers applied to the image. With the help of transparency, you can create a "moire" or haze effect - for this you need to arrange a new layer Over the main, fill it with white or black, and adjust the degree of its transparency.


In order to work only with a pixel image and not affect the transparent layer, On the layers panel, click the Lock transparent pixels button (the first icon on the Lock panel).


If you need to make certain areas transparent, but not all layer Entirely, then you need to first identify these areasAnd then click the Delete button, or you can edit the area using the Eraser eraser (whose transparency can also be adjusted).

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