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How to make a lamp out of the mold for baking

How to make a lamp out of the mold for baking

Sometimes the old things is not as useless as they seem and everyone is well aware of the needlewoman. Even the old form for baking, they have been used: a lampshade made out of it.

And I suggest you to create a miracle.

You will need

  • - An old form vypekaniya-
  • - An electrical conductor
  • - Patron-electric
  • - Incandescent 40 Bm
  • - Cone-shaped piece of the old svetilnika-
  • - Silver spray kraska-
  • - drel-
  • - Screwdriver.



From the outset, we need to drill. Install it in a drill 5 mm diameter metal, then drill in the center of the bottom of the baking tin hole. It is necessary to then stick to it an electric wire.


Then, using spray paint must beto give the appearance of all the details of the future of the lamp, ie the need to paint itself as a form for baking, and a tapered part. Allow the paint to dry.


Now we have to push the power cord into the opening designed for it, and then nanizhite all other parts of the lampshade.


Then proceed to collect the electrical part of the lampshade, connecting the electric wire to the cartridge. This part of the work to provide the best representatives of the stronger sex.


It remains only to check the shade, in fact, that is,be included in the power network. The lamp of the baking tin ready! Now you have at home there is one thing the original, made with his own hands.

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