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How to make a lamp from a baking dish


How to make a lamp from a baking dish</a>

Sometimes old things are not as useless as they seem, and all needlewomen know this perfectly. Even the old form for baking, they found use: made of her shade.

I suggest you also create such a miracle.

You will need

  • - old form for baking-
  • - electric wire-
  • - electric cartridge-
  • - incandescent lamp 40 W-
  • - conical part from the old lamp-
  • - silver aerosol paint-
  • - drill-
  • - Screwdriver.



From the very beginning, we need a drill. Install a 5 mm diameter drill bit on it, then drill a hole in the center of the bottom of the baking dish. It is needed in order to then insert an electric wire into it.


Then, using an aerosol paint,Give the appearance of all the details of the future lamp, that is, you need to paint both the shape for baking, and the cone-shaped part. Allow the paint to dry.


Now it is necessary to insert the electric wire into the hole intended for it, then string all other parts of the lampshade.


Then continue to collect the electrical part of the lampshade by connecting the electrical wire to the cartridge. This part of the work is best provided to the representatives of the stronger sex.


It remains only to check the lampshade in practice, that isPlug it into the mains. The lamp from the baking dish is ready! Now you have in your house one more original thing made by yourself.

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